Optical Harmonics is a loosely connected group of photographers that provide photography and video services at equine sporting, trail and clinic events in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. We may have different styles, use different equipment and may not agree on the best camera, lighting or background, however we all agree equine photography is both enjoyable and satisfying. And heck, we often get free coffee!

The horse and rider team is a special relationship that we are allowed to intrude upon in an attempt to capture the moment. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to apply our God given skills to your events.

All material on this site is copyrighted by the photographer, all rights reserved. Permission to use images (with attribution) in the ride sponsor publication and websites as well as the riders personal web sites is normally given however please contact the photographer for approval prior to use. Commercial use is specifically prohibited without written permission. Photos may be watermarked by the photographer.

Should you wish to have the Optical Harmonics crew photograph your event please click the contact link.